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Being able to capture the energy and atmosphere of these bands‘ live performances is a true art form, and is the key ingredient in making a record that can properly illustrate the magnitude and impact a band can have on its fans.

The Slackers are definitely one of these bands (and this is absolutely one of those records!). An institution in New York City, and a legendary stronghold in the ska/reggae scenes globally, this unstoppable force continues to welcome new fans into the fold, very seldomly losing one along the way.

A Slackers show, big or small, is an event. This album, recorded almost 20 years ago, highlights just that magic. Hailed for the better part of two decades by fans as an absolutely crucial part of any Slackers collection, this powerful set and unbelievable package has somehow evaded the world of vinyl, until now.

Remixed and remastered to sound better than ever before, this re-issue is not one to pass up. If you are a fan of The Slackers, this needs to be in your collection!

Hope you’ve got your dancin’ shoes on…

Side A:
1. Intro
2. Sooner Or Later
3. Married Girl
4. Do You Know
5. Sarah

Side B:
1. Mush One
2. I Still Love You
3. Soldier
4. Keep Him Away
5. Work Song

Side C:
1. Feed My Girl
2. Face In The Crowd
3. You Don't Know I

Side D:
1. Pedophilia
2. Runaway
3. The Fried Chicken Song

1000pcs. - 2x12" Black Vinyl
700pcs. - 2x12" Ultra Clear & White Galaxy Vinyl
300pcs. - 2x12" Ultra Clear w/ Glow In The Dark Splatter Vinyl

the Slackers - Live At Ernestos

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