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When should I expect my order?

We always aim to mail out orders within 48 hours, but we ask for you to allow 2 weeks from payment for arrival.


What do I do if I havn't received my order?

If it has been more than 14 days since you paid for your order, please send us an email at so that we can track your records and get them to you safely.

Can I send you my bands demo?

Are you in a ska/punk/skacore band outside of the UK? Will we like it?

If the answer is yes then by all means we'd love to hear your horn parps and upstrokes, send us links to your music at


How do I sign up for emails when you get new releases?

We always keep you up to speed on our Facebook and Instagram pages, but if you'd like to sign up to our mailing list just let us know using the Contact page!

Will you help distribute records from our label?

If you're a D.I.Y  Ska or Punk label and looking to expand into the UK, then again email us at the address above. As long as you have a good ethos and are releasing great music, then let's make something beautiful happen!!


Which shows can we find your distro at?

All the shows that the distro will be attending will be announced on the Facebook page and the Instagram account. Part of our job is to encourage people to get out to shows and get this music scene thriving, so we will be forcing flyers down your gullet and stuffing links to the event pages up your nose in no time! 


Can you attend my show with a Pookout Records Stall?

As stated above, we want our distro to be an active part of the live music scene! If available not only will we attend, we will help promote your show.  If you have space for us at your gig, let us know and we'll see what we can do! Drop us a line on the Contact page.

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