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Hold on to your pork pie hat... Stuck Lucky and Still Alive have teamed up for the split every ska-core fan has been dreaming of. With 4 brand new tracks from each band, the record showcases some of the best work from two of the most innovative (and HEAVY) bands in the ska punk world.

Nashville's Stuck Lucky kicks off side A with "Spells and Tails", a ripping ska punk anthem with trombone a blastin' and the band's signature eerie feel... you'll want to blast this side of the record whenever you get a hankering for an early Halloween. If you're not familiar with the catalogue of bangers Stuck Lucky has been putting out for years, this will get you up to speed with what you've been missing very quickly.

Chicago's Still Alive blasts into Side B with "Razor Blades", mixing elements of hardcore, metal, and ska into one explosive package. Still Alive has been putting out some of the most crushing ska core for the past decade, and this is definitely their most intense offering to date.

Stuck Lucky & Still Alive Split (12")

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