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After what feels like a longer wait than Guns n' Roses tried to get away with, the first record from Redeemon has finally arrived!!

Comprising current and ex members of Beat the Red Light, The Filaments, Smokey Bastard and Voodoo Glow Skulls this is the start of something happily familiar and excitingly different at the same time.

With influences ranging from 90's groove metal, ska, jazz and anything in between, Redeemon don’t really fit into a genre, and that’s how they like it.

All orders come with a limited edition 'zine, documenting the journey from "BTRL to RDMN", a Redeemon poster and all the usual Pookout goodies!

Operation Burnout
Pressure Switch
Finest Mistakes

Video for Anaphylactic:

"Picking up where Beat the Red Light left off, Redeemon's self-titled EP is ripping ska-punk/ska-core with the occasional metalcore/deathcore breakdown... Redeemon reminds you that ska-core can be fun and upbeat but it can also be genuinely heavy, and the way Redeemon move between those two vibes is seamless."
- Brooklyn Vegan

"You will not listen to a more creative, experimental (in a good way), musically proficient release this year. When I make that claim I’m talking about all genres of music as well; not just punk and ska. This album has been a long time coming but my goodess it’s been worth the wait."
- Colin's Punk Rock World

Redeemon - S/T (12")

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