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Some of the best friendships are formed through music... and some of the weirdest ones are formed over the internet! The relationship between CATBITE and OMNIGONE starts there... while very different sounding bands under the same broad genre banner, they both embody the true spirit of SKA PUNK through its energy, creativity, and raw musicality. It's this shared spirit that seems to have made this unlikely pairing... and good for us, it's a pairing that completely rules!

Side A of this very special split is owned by the soul / ska / power pop 4-piece powerhouse that is Philadelphia's CATBITE. The opening track is a cover of Omnigone's "Horizontal Aggression"... originally a two-stepping ska-core anthem, here Catbite transforms it into a powerfully sweaty dancehall jam. Bringing heavy "ghost town" vibes together with pounding rhythmic ska, the track becomes an instant dance-floor filler. Not to leave well enough alone, Side A also CONTAINS Catbite's killer cover of "White Riot" by The Clash.

Side B is helmed by Alameda CA's ska-punk supergroup, OMNIGONE. Adam Davis (formerly of Link 80, DESA, Gnarboots), in his own words, "freaking loves" Catbite... it was only natural for him to try and cover one of their songs. Adam chose to turn "Scratch Me Up" from a ska classic into a hardcore anthem, circle pit ready and fully equipped with a breakdown worthy of any Madball record. And much to our benefit, he also decided to add another "cover"... the classic Link 80 track "Nothing New" .

Short but very sweet, this is one of my favorite set of recordings to come to light in a long time. You'll hear the mutual respect, admiration, and friendship in each of these covers, and won't be able to stop smiling while you're dancing along.

Catbite & Omnigone Split (7")

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