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Why do we distro?

We started Pookout Records to strengthen the link between bands and their audiences, through international distribution deals.
By bulk sourcing records and new releases from other labels, we help you guys in the UK and Europe grow your collections in an affordable way – without extreme postage and customs costs!

We know how it feels...
to love the listening experience - scaling your collection, purposefully removing a record, lifting the record player lid, sliding out the record to place it onto the matt and dropping the needle.
There's no substitution for scanning the album art, reading the lyrics, the credits and the thank you list.
But extorionate postage costs can deter listeners from buying physical music formats and other band merch to support our scene.
We are committed to bypassing this for you guys, so all you need to worry about is listening and spreading the word about your new favourite bands!

We currently stock records from an amazing network of labels that we are proud to support:

Bad Time Records
I Hate Smoke Records
Pirates Press Records
SBAM Records
Paper & Plastick Records

We also distribute music from independent bands without label representation.
Got a band or record you like that we should have in the store? Let us know at

New to the distro...

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