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Pookout Records is a UK based Ska & Punk record label and international distro, aiming to help small overseas bands and labels build a following over here in the UK, and release the best of new ska and skacore music we can find.

Ever purchased a record from another country?
By the time you've paid the postage, customs charges and anything else on top you've forked out £40-£50 for an album! I once paid £60 for a 10 inch!! ( I reeeally had to have it...)
It's such as a shame as it can make it impossible to support so many great DIY bands and labels.

That's where Pookout comes in!

We work with labels and bands to get the most affordable prices where EVERYBODY wins. The artists are covered, the postage and customs are down to a minumum and you get to discover great new music without getting ripped off!
Pressing plants get the benefit of the added demand for vinyl and all the gigs I attend with the distro will be promoted on our social media pages - seriously, EVERYBODY WINS!

This is a 100% non-profit project.
Each item is sold at face value and only our costs are covered.
This means the records you find here are hand picked for you to scope out something you may not have heard yet, and we are only working with bands and labels that are bringing something special to the table, musically and morally.

Keep your eye on our Facebook and Instagram

pages to stay up to date with new releases,

stock levels and what gigs I'll be attending!

See you at a show!

Pook x

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