Made up of members of The Best of The Worst and Hub City Stompers, Thirsty Guys play manic synth-driven ska punk combined with raw heartfelt vocals for fans of Bomb The Music Industry, Big D & The Kids Table, The Hippos and PUP. "Parched" takes you on a wild ride through the mind of vocalist / keyboard player Joe Scala, as he belts out 10 tracks about quarter life crises, scene drama, depression, and other fun topics not usually synonymous with our favorite Hawaiian shirt stained genre. The serious and often sarcastic nature of the lyrics are set against a backdrop of a tight 3 piece rhythm section, comprised of ska punk "lifers" Garret "Cheech" Webber and Jay Selvaggio on guitar and bass, with relative ska newbie Dreads on the drums.

Thirsty Guys - Parched (12")