While these didn’t end up on the studio albums, these tracks each hold true in their own right, and together as a collection really show an interesting progression through the first ten years of Rancid.

• Re-mastered for 45rpm and all new sleeve artwork.
• Bound together with a collectible printed leather obi-strip and placed in a resealable bag.

A - Just A Feeling + Brixton
B - I Wanna Riot
C - Blast 'Em + That's Entertainment
D - The Brothels
E - Devil's Dance + Clockwork Orange
F - Empros Lap Dog + 100 Years
G - Things To Come + Tattoo
H - Endrina + Stop
I - Kill The Lights + White Knuckle Ride
J - Sick Sick World + Ben Zanotto
K - Dead and Gone + Standed
L - Killing Zone

Self- Titled Tracklisting:
A - I'm Not The Only One + Battering Ram
B - The Sentence + Media Controller + Idle Hands

Rancid - B Sides & C Sides (7x7")