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Release number FIFTY from our best pals at Bad Time Records is here and ready to preorder for delivery in early September!

Mustard yellow colour vinyl.

No band embodies the spirit of modern ska music the way Mustard Plug does; relentlessly dedicated to the craft, to their scene, and to a lifetime of playing music purely for the love of it.  They've seen the 'waves' come and go, and through the best and worst of times have stayed true to themselves and to their fans while keeping a consistent touring schedule for 30+ years.

"Where Did All My Friends Go" finds Mustard Plug creating the most powerful, proficient, and flat out fun songs of their career... no small feat with an 8 album discography full of classics.  You can hear everything that has made the band loved and revered throughout their history distilled into these 13 new tracks, along with a proficiency and polish that could only come from years of experience and the production expertise of Bill Stevenson (Descendents, ALL, NOFX, Rise Against). 

We're so thrilled to be carrying this and would like to asy a massive congratulations Mike and all the Bad Time Records Crew.

Mustard Plug - Where Did All My Friends Go? (12")

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